Gas fireplaces are growing in popularity. Today's models are very efficient and can add a great deal of warmth to fill a large room. While there is no crackling sound like a wood fireplace they do produce a real flame. The two main types of gas used are propane and natural gas. Both gases work identically in almost every way except that propane generally has a higher cost associated with it.

    Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

    Wood stoves have always been a long-established way to heat a home, however, with increased EPA regulations, wood stoves are better than ever. They release less smoke, produce minimal ash, and require less firewood yet they still produce that cozy heat and comfort you want out of a traditional wood-burning unit.

    Electric Fireplaces

    Electric fireplaces are a cost effective and safe way to heat a space and create a wonderfully cozy sitting area. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, these fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, both inside and outside. As long as there is an electrical plug nearby, you can enjoy the dancing flames with or without heat.

    Pellets Inserts & Stoves

    Pellet stoves were invented in the 1970's for the purpose of creating heat while using recycled product. Pellet stoves come in a freestanding style or an insert, which can be placed into an existing fireplace. They look like traditional wood stoves, but operate cleanly and more efficiently.


    At Heritage Fireplace, our pride and joy is in installing a brand new fireplace. Nothing can make a space more welcoming and cozy than a beautiful fireplace. Let us help you make your fireplace ideas come to life in Grand Rapids, MI.

    How much does it cost?

    The best way to be provided an accurate price is by stopping into our store and share your pictures, share your drawings, measurements, and we can even come out to your house to help you.

    Can you install any fireplace?

    Yes, any fireplace you purchase from Heritage Fireplace, we can install for you.

    Do you carry fireplace inserts?

    Yes. Learn everything you need to know about fireplace inserts.