Mantels originally were designed to catch the smoke over a fire grate. Over the years, they have gone from artistically ornate pieces of work to very simple construction. We offer several different types in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our barn beam mantels are re-purposed from locally-owned farms that are either tearing down old construction or replacing them. We custom cut these to your specific needs and clear coat them to protect them from wear and tear.

Depending on clearance issues or in areas where combustibility is a concern, we also offer concrete, limestone, and steel mantels. Concrete mantels can either come in a smooth gray finish for a more industrial look or can be molded to have the look and feel of wood. Limestone mantels can give your fireplace a custom look since each stone can vary in size and color. Finally, steel mantels can create an industrial or contemporary look when done in stainless steel or a primitive medieval finish.

Hearths and Hearth pads

Depending on your hearth and your fireplace project, we can install your hearth for you or recommend a great local mason for the more complex, highly-skilled projects. We can install your hearth pad for you.

Hearths were created to serve more of a purpose than strictly a decorative element; they provide a safer fireplace area and prevent fire hazards. They are most helpful with wood fireplaces and stoves as they not only protect from ash and embers, it is an area where you can place the fireplace tools that you need to use regularly or even store wood. The outline of the hearth will also help you to recognize a safe area to place a barrier to prevent children or guests from touching the firebox glass.

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