Outdoor fire burning can be as simple or as detailed as your heart desires.

You can choose a round or square Zentro smokeless insert and surround it by three courses of wedge block, and you can have your wood-burning firepit installed and burning in just over one hour. And by the end of the night be enjoying a seared steak on the grill attachment.

For backyard loungers who prefer the ease of burning gas over the mess of a traditional wood campfire, you can select from several gas fire tables on display here at Heritage Fireplace. These tables are as simple as setting it in place and hooking it up to a 20-pound LP Tank and hitting the start button. Instant gathering place!

If an outdoor fireplace falls more in alignment with what you have in mind, then you should consider a few alternatives such as a stainless-steel see-through gas fireplace, or perhaps an Isokern wood burning fireplace, or even adding a gas log set. The options are endless, and we can help you find the right one for you.

How much does it cost?
The cost depends on what you are creating. Generally the bigger the design, the more it will cost to achieve your idea.

Can you install any outdoor fireplace?
Most outdoor fire pits or fire table options are an easy set up with friends or family. We can help you install any gas insert or gas logs that we sell here at Heritage Fireplace. And if your project involves a high degree of masonry, we can match you with a local mason who can help you with your project. Call or stop by today to find out more.